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Competition Pro X Ground Bait

Our first step in the right direction was to produce a feed or ground bait friendly bait for all to use without the continuous struggle of binding or hurting the ladies and juniors hands.

We needed to produce a product that would stand its ground in all conditions and still produce fish and a steady and frequent rate to please the whole family.

This we did with the exception of the weight that some competition anglers where complaining about. How do we go about pleasing all?

Back to the drawing board we went and with the assistance of a friend or two we changed the ingredients and added one or two ingredients to better but not change the nice and soft feeling the feed had with the Lemmetjies.

Eventually many competition anglers were sponsored with our new Competition Pro X Feed and were very happy on the weight, the binding and the dissolving of this product.

The way to mix stays exactly the same as the Lemmetjies feed but the ingredients have more so to say for the competition angler.

Mr Johan van der Walt, an avid angler from Weston area assisted on a weekly basis to achieve this excellent and potent ground bait for the competition angler.

The slight yellow colour seems to attract the fish more.

En so gaan 2012 verby.

Die Pro X Voer bewys weereens homself onder die kompeterende hengelaars nie net op klub vlak nie, maar tydens die liga, liga finaal en die All Transvaal Kampioenskappe te Krugers met `n medalje.

Die voer word met ander voere gemeng wat totaal nie nodig is nie, hoekom so uitstekende produk minderwaardig maak en meng. Ai man, die voer is duidelik in sy eie klas en die resultate in die net. Verskeie oproepe uit verskillende bronne landwyd vertel die storie van dag hengelaars wat ope kompetisies wen met Pro X.

As vis in die net jou doel is, gebruik Pro X en beleef die sensasie met ons.

Stywe lyne
Jb van zyl


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