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A Brand New Concept in Boiling for Carp Fishing

For many years boilies have been the trademark of European countries.

The production of boilies has battered many fisherman in South Africa and only the chosen handful of fishermen had the know how to make boilies and all of the rest just had to scavenge on the few Boilie tips given by the overseas anglers on the web.

Big Daddy Baits likes to better any fishing product and expose the old Boilie to the new era boilies,and developed not only a very nice and round boilie,but developed boilies that suit the South African waters at lower and affordable prices.

Not only has our Boilie proven itself in competition scenarios but have a very nice tecture,and all the important ingrediance to lure big carp .Our Boilie is 100% biodegradable and assist the larger fish to build their bodies to the production machine and multiply so that our younger generation also have fun catching the BIG DADDYS.

Big Daddy has now gone so far as to produce well flavoured boilies varying from 8mm to 30mm we can really call hookbaits.No more using fridges or drying out so hard and costing the earth to replace every time a session in done.

The new hook bait Boilie is bottled in its flavour without any swelling or becoming soft. This Boilie is used and stored as long as u want and used exclusively as a hookbaits, standing out from the rest and luring the big fish to take the properly flavoured bait.

 Everybody said that it is impossible. We've cracked it!



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