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Lemmetjies Feed

Our brand new “Lemmetjies“ Popcorn ground bait has since its release shown excellent results. Lemmetjies Popcorn is manufactured by popping maize in a very special way and then cutting it into thin shavings. When mixed with water it absorbs the water quickly to get a very soft and spongy texture with the most amazing buttery flavour. Lemmetjies Popcorn is available in 1kg ,2kg and 4kg bags and it is availabe at all the best tackle stores nationwide.

The binding and dissolving properties of Lemmetjies makes it easy to use by all members of the family.

By simply using one cup of dam water and adding one cup of Lemmetjies feed and adding another cup of Lemmetjies feed and finally mixing the last cup of Lemmetjies feed in your bucket the feed is ready for use within 45 seconds.

This is what makes Lemmetjies feed SIMPLY THE BEST feed in the market.

Be bold and try this groundbait, then do not tell us it is simply the best ever feed you have fished with, we know and can prove so like thousands of others.

Resistance to change will only cost you so just try some!


How to prepare Lemmetjies feed

First of all we use a five liter bucket and choose the measuring cup we would like to use.Rather use a smaller cup and mix more frequently to ensure your feed is fresh at all times and you will have more success.

Use one cup of dam water and add one cup of Lemmetjies feed to the water.Mix well and immediately add another cup of feed.Mix the feed well and then add the last cup of feed and mix well again.

You will see that the feed has within 45 seconds settled and you can make your feeding ball.

When you find after 15 min that your feed is a bit dry just add slightly water and mix again.Before each cast add a tee little dry feed and make your feeding ball,this will attract the fish more.

If you wish to coulour your feed or add any flavourants do so before you add the feed when preparing the feed.

If you are not happy with the weight of the feed use the new Pro X Lemmetjies feed especially designed for the competition angler.This feed has been made slightly heavier and extra ingredients added to build a better feeding spot and to keep fish on your feeding zone for longer periods of time.

Once you experience the feeling and results of this unique feed you will be compelled to use Lemmetjies feed all the time.

Enjoy jour fishing !

Hoe om Lemmetjies voer voor te berei

Eerstens neem jy een koppie van jou keuse water,(verkieslik damwater) en neem een deel of koppie lemmetjies voer en gooi dit in die een koppie water in jou emmer.

Roer goed totdat dit alles lekker slap en nat is.

Voeg nou nog een  koppie voer in jou emmer en roer totdat die voer weer lekker nat is en voeg dan die derde deel voer by en roer .Nou behoort jy`n bol te kan  maak.

Die voer is nou reg om mee te hengel. Dit behoort jou nie meer as 45 sekondes te neem om 'n voerbal te kan maak nie. Sou jy jou voer bietjie vinniger wil laat blus voeg nog een en 'n halwe koppies voer by, roer goed tot nat en laat staan vir twee minute.

Sou jy kleur of geur inmeng, doen dit in die eerste stap en meng dit met jou water voordat jy die voer bysit.

Sou jy vind dat jou voer te droog is maak jou hand nat en maak dan `n voerbal.

Sou jy vind dat die voer te lig is vir afstand gooi,probeer die Lemmetjies PRO X wat alreeds voorberei is en swaarder gemaak is.Dit werk en bind net so lekker.


Geniet jou hengel uitstappie !

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